This is my very first post! First, I would like to say I live a very blessed life. For this I have to thank The Lord My Savior. For bringing me to this point and everything that he has carried me thru. This blog has been a long time in the waiting. Something I have been very excited to start. As most things in life…”Everything has it’s time and place.” I can also say I am not a very patient person but, I am learning and striving to be. Have been trying to create margin in my life. Which for those of you, that are working on the same thing you can vouch that it is not an easy thing to accomplish! Especially with a family of five! I have an amazingly patient and grounded love of my life…my husband Zachary. Which helps balance this energetic, on the run, and seeing what else I can fit into life while my mind running with new ideas person that I am! Yes that was a complete run on sentence but had to just get it all out there! He is my constant. I have been honored to be intrusted with being a mother to my three baybays. My children have given me the world and for that I am a very rich woman. They have given me the desire to do my part in making the world a better place for us and everyone else. The oldest is Emma. She is a “Sweet 16”. She is smart and beautiful. Loves a good joke and can actually tell one! She has a love for music like her mom and dad! Except unlike her dad and mom can play pretty much any instrument by ear. “My Buddy” as I call him is the middle kiddo…his name is Isaac. The name sake of Isaac fits him to a tee…to cause laughter. He is my silly one and the lover. In fact lots of times he can’t even stand up straight because he is laughing at himself so hard…he’s like jelly! He is has an infectious smile and eyes that pierce straight to your heart. And, then there is our baby…well she’s not  a baby but, she is ours! “Busy Izzy” as we call her. I think the name explains itself! She has platinum blonde long ringlets and searing blue eyes. Since she has turned a year old we have not stopped running either along with her or after her! She is what you would expect to see if you wanted to look at a photo of “pure joy and life”. She does dance as if no one is watching. She adores her brother and sister with all she is…that is while sitting on them and asking “Do you give up?” Ha! As for me…well you can already see I love to talk, love being with people, love vibe’in off others, love the sun on my face, love being barefoot, love art, love new things and challenges, love being inspired, love my life, and most of all I am “real”. I am sure you will get to know plenty about me 🙂

For as long as I can remember I have had some kind of camera in my hand. Snapping away and waiting for that magic moment. When I shoot emotion is what I want to capture. Not just any emotion. I want to capture “who” it is that I am photographing. I know that when it is all said and done…the in-perfect…non posed photo’s are what I have always been drawn to. The corky smile that I have seen a million times on someone I know so well. The laughter of the child I love so much. The love that radiates from a loved one’s eye’s. In this blog it will be a mixed media of sessions I shoot with Absolutely Epic Photography and behind the scenes of this journey of life, I am making my path thru with my family and friends. As for where the Absolutely Epic Photography ~ Truly You~ came from…we will save that for another blog! Would love for you to come along for the run!

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