Baby Greyson…all smiles and blue eyes!


I just absolutely love shooting Life Style Newborn Sessions! I know I have said it before…but that is how much I love them. They show so much emotion. You get to see all their first little grins and fat cheeks. And don’t get me started on their cute little feet and their mothers kissing on them! I love the bond you get to be a witness to between mother and baby in Life Style Sessions. Daddy would be in the photos but he is away serving Our Country. This little guy is going to have so much love surrounding him! He was amazing thru the whole shoot. Just as happy as a little guy can be! The smiles he gave me just melted our hearts! He had and audience for his session. Everyone was tip toeing and giggling at him. Greyson was so proud of himself! I seriously could hardly wait to edit his session…it was hard to wait till his session came up on the editing list. Those blue eyes and smiles are going to wrap everyone around his little finger at first sight. We did a few posed photos but he didn’t seem to mind that a bit! In fact he shined and made us all smile even more! Introducing Mr. Greyson!!!

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Gilmore Girls Rock

I was so pumped to shoot this session, from with in the first minute of talking with momma Gilmore! Ashley Gilmore along with Heidi Staeger, they own and run a local girls Clothing boutique called “Olive Branch Boutique.” Pretty much all the children’s clothing you can get from Olive Branch Boutique. I will give you a link of where to find it on the bottom of this blog entry.  I have shot for the boutique before but not their family. Knowing this I knew it would be styled to the hilt. So obviously me loving stylizing sessions, my mind starting going nutz with ideas, along with Ashley! We decided on a Punk / Rock N Roll and Birthday Girls style of session. We actually added two sessions together…to kick it out in one time. Usually I don’t do this because it is hard on little ones for the amount of time it takes…but knowing these little ones. I knew if anyone could, her girls would pull it off! They not only pulled it off…they ROCK’ED it! I brought our live amps, guitars, mic’s, drum sticks and an old school radio! They loved that they got to hear themselves play instead of just “faking” the photos. Of coarse we had to get dad and mom in for a few! This is extraordinarily extra fun family! As you will see in the photos!

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The girls clothing and accessories can be found at the link below. Olive Branch Boutique is also carrying women’s clothing and accessories now also.

Micah and Chris awaiting the love of their life…Miss Lilliana

Life. What a precious gift. Sweet fresh faces…our little bundles of joy! We have an idea what they will look like thanks to ultrasounds and medicine. We have an idea what they will act like…most of them night owls! But in all actuality on our first we truly have no idea what gift we are about to be given. When we hold them for the first time…life as we know it stands still. A feeling of love and responsibility we have never felt before overwhelms us is this extraordinary way. Life will never be the same. Being a mother and father, I think is one of the hardest, most important, and wonderful jobs there is. These bundles of joy truly are bundles of joy! We smile like we never have before when we first hold them. This beautiful couple was about as excited and nurturing as they get. The excitement grew each day. They we already proud parents before Miss Lilliana was here. I have known Micah since she was born. But to see her change into this stunning mother-to-be was an experience of its own. I am so proud of these two. Lilliana is going to have a great life. Photographing their Maternity shoot was so refreshing and sweet. The respect and love they have for each other will surly be seen from Lilliana. Lilliana Rose arriving April 22, 2014 at a whopping 7lbs 9oz. I can not wait to witness this family grow and love each other in the years to come.






























Here is a little peak of Chris and Micah’s “Miss Lilliana Rose”. At just a few days old, she is not only sweet and adorable, but alert and smart! We can already see that she is! Congratulations to Micah , Chris, and all their family on the birth of a perfect bundle of joy!


Sloan was a predestined Super~hero even before birth!

I love it when I get the chance to do a lifestyle newborn session.  I get to witness so much emotion in these sessions, and they have these images forever, to look back on. I had the honor of photographing Aaron and Allison’s wedding. I love watching families grow. Sweet Sloan was before birth predestined to be a super hero! There will be nothing this little sweet breath of fresh air cannot do! Dad and mom have set no limits for her. Her mom Allison, a friend of mine, has pushed on through her whole pregnancy working out at CrossFit, and lifting more weight than most of us could ever! Of course safely! I just loved seeing her Instgram photos as precious Sloan was becoming “Sloan”. From no belly, to a cute big bump with a barbell in hands…granted they were cute as all get out photos…especially at the end because you couldn’t even see her feet. She ate super healthy and organic. With both Dad and mom being chefs…little Sloan got the best nutrients in utero! Miss Sloan Beatrix Gregory arriving on March 7, 2014 at a whopping… 8 lbs 6 oz 21 inches! Allison didn’t let pregnancy slow her down but yet empowered her! Her room is even a “SUPERHERO” room! With quotes such as…

“Today I will be my own SUPER-HERO”


There is so much love in this family. Weather they are at a Springfield Cardinals game or building with Lego Star Wars, love and laughter is present. Aaron, aka daddy couldn’t be more proud and in love with his beautiful little girl. He couldn’t hardly wait for her arrival. I think this bundle of joy has everyone wrapped around her little fingers. I can completely see why! She is perfect! Now the foursome is inseparable and smiles are over abundant!  I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did.


A sneak peak of her ubber cute room! Who could not be empowered waking up to this daily!


…and may the force be with her…forever!




Kurtis + Paige’s Engagement Session…love what a beautiful thing

Upon meeting Kurtis and Paige I just knew this is going to be fun! The way they smiled and looked at each other, just made me smile from down deep. We started talking about their plans for “their big day”.  It was so cute and refreshing to see a couple planning everything together. That they were equally excited for their Wedding Day. Love, what a beautiful and powerful emotion! With-in minutes I have to say I was thinking…pick me…pick me! Yes, I said it! Each and every wedding I have had the honor to photograph and be a part of, I have felt truly privileged. Their is nothing like being a witness to true love. Their engagement session didn’t need all kinds of props and extras. While talking with them I was already visioning their happiness and love shining thru in their photos. Due to booking their wedding right at Christmas and all the snow we kept on having…we had to leave the engagement session up in the air! The first chance we would some nice weather, we planned on running with it! Here it was, the break in the winter weather in 2 days and like the happy couple they are…with just 2 days notice…they ran with it! What a heart felt and fun session it ended up being. I can’t wait for Kurtis and Paige’s Wedding at Enchanted Hills on May 31st! 01 02 03 04 05 06 09 010032 012 014 016 018 020 021 022 024 025 026 027 028 031  034 035 036 038 041

Sweet Baby Malec

One of my favorite things is watching families grow. I get to experience the anticipation while waiting for their bundle of love to arrive. Then, I get to meet them. These adorable little people, already so full of personality. I had the honor of capturing theses moments, with the Blansits and their sweet baby boy. He was a dream to shoot! So much love exists in this family.

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I just can’t wait to watch his future unfold. This little world changer is going to be a part of many amazing things.


 “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

-Joseph Chilton Pearce

snow day with the littles

When we leave the house for the most we look like we are put together! NOT! I don’t want to raise drones. I want to raise strong independent world changers. If you are around us you will see a lot of Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain Underpants, and plain ole running around in their underwear! You will see pillows and blankets piled on the couch and pallets on the floor. The kids mix matched and proud of it because they picked out their own outfits! This is the way I desire it though. My grandmothers told me when I had my first child, Emma you will have plenty of time to do dishes, do laundry, and dust but you will only have a short period in your life yo be a mother to your small children. With my first child I thought everything had to be perfect. Everything in it’s place and every outfit coordinated as cute as can be. The number two came and three! WOW as soon as Izabella came we were on the run and we haven’t stopped yet! After a few years with my oldest my grandmothers words really did ring loud and clear. Time was passing by to fast already. That’s when I decided what I really wanted out of all of this. I wanted every minute to count. Yes we do chores and they do pout about it. But then it’s play time. Which could include something like learning how to  make a hot tea for us to drink together. Which I also might include you will see a lot of here. Tea parties big and small! Yes I teach them how to cook and what not. Contrary to many people belief children want to learn. It excites them. It points back to us on are we teaching them or are we being a Drill Sargent? Are we letting them accomplish the task or are we criticizing the whole way which just breaks them down. Which doesn’t make them feel like they have accomplished anything. I am by far not the perfect mom but I am trying as I go and learning as I go.

Which brings me too the photos I wanted to share with you. Here we have been having a cold winter and quite a few snow days. Usually we would go out and play in the snow but the temps have been so bitter cold. I myself love snow days! Love having my family in the house together. Playing, cuddling, laughing, watching movies, and whatever may arise. The cool thing about snow days is there is a reason school is out…it is nasty outside! So that means we aren’t busy running around town. We are all together. Those are the days they will remember later on. I have been working on a few art projects lately and the kids want part it. I think art is very important in developing young minds. As we already know imagination is a must for developing areas in the brain that otherwise would not open. You should see my house right now with all this cold weather! There’s a project going on in every corner I swear! So I broke out the plastic table cloth and let them go! These photos may not be the “best” out there and I didn’t take any time really editing them…but they are special to me. Sometimes the most precious photos are the snapshot you take when people are doing there own thing. NO posing! They had a blast and of coarse ended up painting each other by the end. But it was all contained to the good ole trusty plastic table cloth. Of which I have several depending on the space needed for their project! Lots of giggles ans smiles came along with it. So I encourage you JUMP! Don’t worry about the mess they might make. Break out the dollar plastic table cloth and let them get creative. Promise you will smile the whole time…well most of the time!

snow day with the littles 3

“In a FAMILY love is spelled TIME.”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

snow day art day

Getting back to the basics

It has been more than a moment since I have blogged. Which as I have said this blog is a work in progress. Everything in its own time. So now my blog is”on”. My blog is going to be a mash-up of everyday life, work, and play. This entry will be a quite different from the prior ones. I went back and forth deciding if I would write it. Obviously I decided yes because it was strong on my heart and mind, as it is everyone’s. I am from a city that is quite large but not. It still remains a community where everyone somehow knows each other or someone in their family. The worst fear of every mother and father has happened. A beautiful soul was taken way before her time. Miss Hailey Owens of Springfield, MO. I pray that the words I write are directed from God and come across the way I intend it to. When word was out of her disappearance my heart dropped. Through the night as more information came about I couldn’t keep a dry eye and my was so heavy it literally hurt. My brain was racing. As was everyone else. All I could think about was Hailey and her family. Praying somehow she got away. Then the unspeakable was announced…which I won’t discuss in this. The Owens had to go through what no mother, father, brother, sister, or family member should ever have to experience.  The whole community hurt for her family. Emotions were all over the place for everyone. Our city really did stand still and pretty much stopped. Everyone held their children a lot closer and could not say I love you enough to them. Which is what they deserve everyday. With events like and so many emotions you never know which way things will go. I doubt there was a parent out there that didn’t talk with their children about safety.  I see neighborhoods reaching out planning to take the time to get to know their neighbors. Do we keep our children in a bubble? If we do they will they ever be able to not live in fear? Speaking from a mother that has to know where my kids are at all times…wanting them pretty much connected to me. But then all of a sudden they are not 5 anymore…they are 16 and going to college in a year and half. We have been given the greatest honor out there which is to be a parent and direct these little amazing souls God has given us. But, also we have to teach them to be strong and independent. We have to teach them to be smart, loving, kind, independent, help others but watch out for strangers, be careful, and all without living in fear. Not the easiest task…there is not exact way of doing it. Then the idea of The Candlelight Vigil March in Honor of Hailey Owens was birthed. To show love and help one of our own families to keep standing. I really can’t even imagine being in the Owens shoes. To show we are here for more than just our immediate family and children. That we are a community. A big family. What started out as a small gathering grew to something so breathtaking. Over 10,000 showed up to let their candles burn bright for Hailey and her family. To celebrate this amazing child. That everyone that talked about her says she was truly pure sunshine and joy.  I decided I was going to attend as soon as I saw there was going to be a vigil. I talked with others that were getting it together and decided I would take a few shots that could be later given to the family. Still I had mixed feelings. I didn’t know if I would take 1 or 2 shots and stop or if I would take more. It would depend on the vibe of the event and if I could even do it with out sobbing. After arriving I was speechless and for me that is something. My community came together in the name of love, peace, and solidarity. Out of something so horrific came something so beautiful…just as Hailey was. I need you to know I do not want that comment to be taken lightly or insensitively…I take none of this lightly. When you see over 10,000 beautiful souls gathering with lite candles and singing “this little light of mine”…which words were switched to “this little light of Haileys”…while holding each other. You really can’t do anything but stand in awe of everything. My heart broke as I watched her mother walk. Knowing she appreciated everything but what she must be feeling. That’s her baby. My prayers will continue for Haileys family, friends, and community. I will continue to pray for God’s direction on raising my children. Not to raise them in fear but to be present and aware. If they are to be world changers and leaders they can not fear helping those in need. Hailey will not be forgotten. Through the unspeakable she has inspired so many to get back to the basics. To treasure each other and the little things. I wish I could wrap my arms around the entire Owens family and just stay there for as long as they could stand me. I am in spirit. God is wrapping his arms around them. His hands are big enough and His love is deep enough. I leave you with… I am truly blessed to live in the community I live in and to call it my home. They shined for Hailey in the midst of darkness.

Candlelight Vigil March in Honor of Hailey Owens

Candlelight Vigil March in Honor of Hailey Owens.

Candles shined bright for Hailey on the night of Candlelight Vigil March

Candles shined bright for Hailey the night of the vigil.

Candlelight Memorial at the end of the Candlelight Vigil March in Honor of Hailey Owens

My lil man Isaac is so sweet.  After Haileys vigil he wanted to make sure all candles were still lit before we left. He said, “Mommy thank you so much for bringing me to this…we showed love”.

In remembrance of Hailey Owens

In Loving Memory of Miss Hailey Owens.

A Shout Out…and a little behind the scenes

Going to take a short break on putting up the rest of the Circus themed mini sessions.  Yes I said “shout out”! Wanted to take the time to thank my daughter Emma and Mady Rose for all their help being my assistants that day. Without them at “Come Join Our Circus” I would not have been able to do so many sessions in one day. From loading everything into the truck and out into the middle of a field to holding up the background tent when it would want to fall. They stuck it out with me the whole day at about 100 degrees. At first the idea for this mini session was a circus in the middle of a field but the wind herself had a different idea that day! We couldn’t even get the backdrop (the tent I made) up half way before the wind would literally take it away! At this time there was 4 of us trying to set up my talented friend Regina Richards (also a photographer), Emma, Mady, and I. Oh I forgot we had 3 lil munchkin helpers at that time also! I had practiced setting everything up and in place the night before a few times and had it down to 8 minutes.  So we inched in a little bit at a time till we were on the tree line! But, even being on the tree line the wind kept blowing it over. An hour later we had most everything set up and started to shoot! Which made us run behind which is never a great way to start off a time slot filled day!! We prevailed. Also I am thankful to the patience everyone showed that day about their time slots! I try to warn ahead of time when we are working with all young one’s time slots sometimes vary a bit. It’s all up in the cute kiddoz hands! We all have our days! I can always get them to come around…I am not above bribbing! Of coarse with parents permission…which I have never been anything but thanked. Everyone understands that because it may not be their lil one that day but another time it may and I make sure I get the shot! Back to the tent…we would start to shoot and there it would go every 5 min. Now imagine on these mini sessions u have to stick to a decent time frame with mother nature was fighting us for set up…we were already behind schedule! So the girls most of the day would run over and help put it all back together and hold down the fort till the bust of air was past us. Their help was so appreciated and they did it all with a smile on their beautiful faces! They helped with anything from holding props, keeping everyone hydrated, bagging popcorn and peanuts for the kids, blocking the sun for me at times (which can be awkward at times out in a field), and helping me shoot. For location shot themed mini sessions you have to bring so much with you! Way more than what you actually see in the shots! It’s not like you can run home and get what you forgot! As an any home based business all the family has to chip in. Emma has been there for me time after time. Always there when I need her. I adore her. Weather I have needed an assistant or a model for the day she has come thru. Mady is like my niece. She is getting really good at photography and editing! She has a real gift. So this was her first time assisting for a full day of sessions. She was so excited to do it. By the end she said, “I had no idea how much goes into something like this!” But, she is ready to do it again for the next one and loved it. But, she did add she could do without the heat next time! lol I am actually going to have her edit a few which i am going to feature for her.  🙂 Thank you so much Mady and I love you bunches! Ummm girls you pretty much ROCK! Here is a snapshot I took real quick that day…when they had a short period of time for a break! Yes, they are probably going to say…why did you put that pic up??? I look gross! Which they don’t they look beautiful! Why did I put it up because I appreciate and love them. I wanted everyone to see who was responsible for helping pulling the whole shoot together with me.


Here are a few snapshots of some of the goodness the kids got to enjoy at their photo shoot!Image

Thank you again to all who took part in this blast of a day!

“Come Join Our Circus” Themed Mini Sessions (part 4)

This session is a friend of mine Katie and her daughter Aliyah. Aliyah gets to do a lot of photo sessions with me. Katie makes this possible because she knows Aliyah loves it…plus momma gets to have lots of photo’s! This time I was insistent that they be able to get in a few together. Of coarse Katie loved the idea. Not only that she would have the photo’s but to get the special time with her daughter. As you can see they have an amazing relationship. When I see them together all I can see is “Girls just wanna have fun” …well…and shopping! They both resemble each other so much. Kind, fun, caring, sweet as all get out, and bee-a-u-tee-ful! Had to give a shout out to a good momma! There is nothing like the vision of a mother playing with her child…and the smiles it brings! Here are a few from their mini session that day.ImageImageImageImage