A Shout Out…and a little behind the scenes

Going to take a short break on putting up the rest of the Circus themed mini sessions.  Yes I said “shout out”! Wanted to take the time to thank my daughter Emma and Mady Rose for all their help being my assistants that day. Without them at “Come Join Our Circus” I would not have been able to do so many sessions in one day. From loading everything into the truck and out into the middle of a field to holding up the background tent when it would want to fall. They stuck it out with me the whole day at about 100 degrees. At first the idea for this mini session was a circus in the middle of a field but the wind herself had a different idea that day! We couldn’t even get the backdrop (the tent I made) up half way before the wind would literally take it away! At this time there was 4 of us trying to set up my talented friend Regina Richards (also a photographer), Emma, Mady, and I. Oh I forgot we had 3 lil munchkin helpers at that time also! I had practiced setting everything up and in place the night before a few times and had it down to 8 minutes.  So we inched in a little bit at a time till we were on the tree line! But, even being on the tree line the wind kept blowing it over. An hour later we had most everything set up and started to shoot! Which made us run behind which is never a great way to start off a time slot filled day!! We prevailed. Also I am thankful to the patience everyone showed that day about their time slots! I try to warn ahead of time when we are working with all young one’s time slots sometimes vary a bit. It’s all up in the cute kiddoz hands! We all have our days! I can always get them to come around…I am not above bribbing! Of coarse with parents permission…which I have never been anything but thanked. Everyone understands that because it may not be their lil one that day but another time it may and I make sure I get the shot! Back to the tent…we would start to shoot and there it would go every 5 min. Now imagine on these mini sessions u have to stick to a decent time frame with mother nature was fighting us for set up…we were already behind schedule! So the girls most of the day would run over and help put it all back together and hold down the fort till the bust of air was past us. Their help was so appreciated and they did it all with a smile on their beautiful faces! They helped with anything from holding props, keeping everyone hydrated, bagging popcorn and peanuts for the kids, blocking the sun for me at times (which can be awkward at times out in a field), and helping me shoot. For location shot themed mini sessions you have to bring so much with you! Way more than what you actually see in the shots! It’s not like you can run home and get what you forgot! As an any home based business all the family has to chip in. Emma has been there for me time after time. Always there when I need her. I adore her. Weather I have needed an assistant or a model for the day she has come thru. Mady is like my niece. She is getting really good at photography and editing! She has a real gift. So this was her first time assisting for a full day of sessions. She was so excited to do it. By the end she said, “I had no idea how much goes into something like this!” But, she is ready to do it again for the next one and loved it. But, she did add she could do without the heat next time! lol I am actually going to have her edit a few which i am going to feature for her.  🙂 Thank you so much Mady and I love you bunches! Ummm girls you pretty much ROCK! Here is a snapshot I took real quick that day…when they had a short period of time for a break! Yes, they are probably going to say…why did you put that pic up??? I look gross! Which they don’t they look beautiful! Why did I put it up because I appreciate and love them. I wanted everyone to see who was responsible for helping pulling the whole shoot together with me.


Here are a few snapshots of some of the goodness the kids got to enjoy at their photo shoot!Image

Thank you again to all who took part in this blast of a day!

“Come Join Our Circus” Themed Mini Sessions (part 4)

This session is a friend of mine Katie and her daughter Aliyah. Aliyah gets to do a lot of photo sessions with me. Katie makes this possible because she knows Aliyah loves it…plus momma gets to have lots of photo’s! This time I was insistent that they be able to get in a few together. Of coarse Katie loved the idea. Not only that she would have the photo’s but to get the special time with her daughter. As you can see they have an amazing relationship. When I see them together all I can see is “Girls just wanna have fun” …well…and shopping! They both resemble each other so much. Kind, fun, caring, sweet as all get out, and bee-a-u-tee-ful! Had to give a shout out to a good momma! There is nothing like the vision of a mother playing with her child…and the smiles it brings! Here are a few from their mini session that day.ImageImageImageImage