What To Expect

From start to finish of our session I can promise that you will have fun. I have discovered when deciding to book a session people seem to have mixed emotions. This is why I decided to dedicate an area just for this. We all think it, but are afraid to vocalize it. One they are so very excited, and then all of a sudden they get nervous! They can’t figure out what to dress everyone in it. They don’t even know how to get everyone to smile in front of a camera. This is where I come in. Having the foundation of a personal connection with my clients is very important to me.  Lifestyle photography is sincere. It’s who we are. The “real” us. This is what I strive to capture. No need to worry about if you think the kids are going to run all over the place, because that’s what children do! Along with that comes laughs, true smiles, and comfort in their environment. So we run with them, tickle them, and get “that” shot that embraces who they are.

As for choosing what to wear the biggest tip I can give you is dress each one in something they would wear. Their style and comfortable. We know all of us moms can add flair to what they are comfortable in. We know how to accessorize and layer!  This makes for happy campers and then their beautiful personalities shine through on the images. This applies to not only children, but the men in our lives.  I am speaking to the women, because most of the time when the camera comes out, we generally already want to go over and above. If accessorizing is something you don’t feel strong in, and second guess yourself, this is also where I come in! Grab items in the color palette and bring it with you in a bag! If you are not sure on the outfits just bring extras and I will assist on the final look. I am here to help and pretty much do on every shoot! One thing I do want to mention is, shoes matter!  I tend to ask no sneakers unless they’re a pair of  funky and color popping converse that express the individuals personality. If you wear big sneakers the camera wants to zone in on them. Slipping on a pair of red heels, simple ballet flats, or distressed boots will definitely complete the feel of a session more than anything.  If they are comfortable in their clothing, they are more apt to being ok with wearing the shoes and accessories you pick out! Just another valuable hint. I do know because even being a photographer, we have our family shoots. It goes back to picking your battles. I will get into more detail on what to wear in the “What to Wear” drop down tab.

As for getting nervous about smiles, trust me, I have my ways!  What I love to do is make people smile, help them to be comfortable being themselves, and to be happy. But remember, some of the best photos don’t even have a smile in them. They have wonder, amazement, attitude, and tenderness. This is also part of who we are.

Full payment of session is due at the time of the session. Sessions tend to last between an 1 1/2  – 2 hours depending on the kind of session we are doing. Newborn Sessions last around 4 hours because we go around the sweet new bundle of joy’s needs and desires. On weddings, they are custom designed around your special day of events. I usually shoot sessions between 2-3 hours prior to sunset to achieve the perfect light. It also avoids those nasty dark shadows around the eyes. Unlimited clothing changes are permitted within the allotted time frame. Usually one to two outfits is best which also depends on what type of session you are scheduling.

On props, I tend to not go overboard on them, except when doing themed sessions. I do however,  want you to bring an item or two that reflect on what each is into. For example, if it is a young child, bring their favorite toy, baby, or purse. For teenagers, if they are into baseball, bring a baseball and their glove. If they play an instrument, grab it, you never know! For children if they are into jumping rope, glitter, or little race cars, by all means bring a few.  Usually I say one per person, except for the little ones. They work as great tools if a little one gets upset.

We do take a break around halfway thru and let everyone get a drink, so a few bottles of water come in handy. We usually do this when we change outfits. I hope this information is helpful. If you take one or two ideas away from this, then it accomplished what I was going for! Mainly don’t stress! Everything will go great. And…as I said in the beginning, we will have fun! Everyone! Let me warn you it may be hard to stop laughing and smiling, but that is what we are going for right?!

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