Baby Greyson…all smiles and blue eyes!


I just absolutely love shooting Life Style Newborn Sessions! I know I have said it before…but that is how much I love them. They show so much emotion. You get to see all their first little grins and fat cheeks. And don’t get me started on their cute little feet and their mothers kissing on them! I love the bond you get to be a witness to between mother and baby in Life Style Sessions. Daddy would be in the photos but he is away serving Our Country. This little guy is going to have so much love surrounding him! He was amazing thru the whole shoot. Just as happy as a little guy can be! The smiles he gave me just melted our hearts! He had and audience for his session. Everyone was tip toeing and giggling at him. Greyson was so proud of himself! I seriously could hardly wait to edit his session…it was hard to wait till his session came up on the editing list. Those blue eyes and smiles are going to wrap everyone around his little finger at first sight. We did a few posed photos but he didn’t seem to mind that a bit! In fact he shined and made us all smile even more! Introducing Mr. Greyson!!!

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Kurtis + Paige’s Engagement Session…love what a beautiful thing

Upon meeting Kurtis and Paige I just knew this is going to be fun! The way they smiled and looked at each other, just made me smile from down deep. We started talking about their plans for “their big day”.  It was so cute and refreshing to see a couple planning everything together. That they were equally excited for their Wedding Day. Love, what a beautiful and powerful emotion! With-in minutes I have to say I was thinking…pick me…pick me! Yes, I said it! Each and every wedding I have had the honor to photograph and be a part of, I have felt truly privileged. Their is nothing like being a witness to true love. Their engagement session didn’t need all kinds of props and extras. While talking with them I was already visioning their happiness and love shining thru in their photos. Due to booking their wedding right at Christmas and all the snow we kept on having…we had to leave the engagement session up in the air! The first chance we would some nice weather, we planned on running with it! Here it was, the break in the winter weather in 2 days and like the happy couple they are…with just 2 days notice…they ran with it! What a heart felt and fun session it ended up being. I can’t wait for Kurtis and Paige’s Wedding at Enchanted Hills on May 31st! 01 02 03 04 05 06 09 010032 012 014 016 018 020 021 022 024 025 026 027 028 031  034 035 036 038 041

“Come Join Our Circus” Themed Mini Sessions (part 4)

This session is a friend of mine Katie and her daughter Aliyah. Aliyah gets to do a lot of photo sessions with me. Katie makes this possible because she knows Aliyah loves it…plus momma gets to have lots of photo’s! This time I was insistent that they be able to get in a few together. Of coarse Katie loved the idea. Not only that she would have the photo’s but to get the special time with her daughter. As you can see they have an amazing relationship. When I see them together all I can see is “Girls just wanna have fun” …well…and shopping! They both resemble each other so much. Kind, fun, caring, sweet as all get out, and bee-a-u-tee-ful! Had to give a shout out to a good momma! There is nothing like the vision of a mother playing with her child…and the smiles it brings! Here are a few from their mini session that day.ImageImageImageImage



Walking thru life hand in hand with my love. Together we can do anything!

Walking thru life hand in hand with my love. Together we can do anything!

photo taken by Regina Richards

The loves of my Life!

The loves of my Life!

My beautiful friend Regina Richards took this photo. Go check her out at