Baby Greyson…all smiles and blue eyes!


I just absolutely love shooting Life Style Newborn Sessions! I know I have said it before…but that is how much I love them. They show so much emotion. You get to see all their first little grins and fat cheeks. And don’t get me started on their cute little feet and their mothers kissing on them! I love the bond you get to be a witness to between mother and baby in Life Style Sessions. Daddy would be in the photos but he is away serving Our Country. This little guy is going to have so much love surrounding him! He was amazing thru the whole shoot. Just as happy as a little guy can be! The smiles he gave me just melted our hearts! He had and audience for his session. Everyone was tip toeing and giggling at him. Greyson was so proud of himself! I seriously could hardly wait to edit his session…it was hard to wait till his session came up on the editing list. Those blue eyes and smiles are going to wrap everyone around his little finger at first sight. We did a few posed photos but he didn’t seem to mind that a bit! In fact he shined and made us all smile even more! Introducing Mr. Greyson!!!

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Micah and Chris awaiting the love of their life…Miss Lilliana

Life. What a precious gift. Sweet fresh faces…our little bundles of joy! We have an idea what they will look like thanks to ultrasounds and medicine. We have an idea what they will act like…most of them night owls! But in all actuality on our first we truly have no idea what gift we are about to be given. When we hold them for the first time…life as we know it stands still. A feeling of love and responsibility we have never felt before overwhelms us is this extraordinary way. Life will never be the same. Being a mother and father, I think is one of the hardest, most important, and wonderful jobs there is. These bundles of joy truly are bundles of joy! We smile like we never have before when we first hold them. This beautiful couple was about as excited and nurturing as they get. The excitement grew each day. They we already proud parents before Miss Lilliana was here. I have known Micah since she was born. But to see her change into this stunning mother-to-be was an experience of its own. I am so proud of these two. Lilliana is going to have a great life. Photographing their Maternity shoot was so refreshing and sweet. The respect and love they have for each other will surly be seen from Lilliana. Lilliana Rose arriving April 22, 2014 at a whopping 7lbs 9oz. I can not wait to witness this family grow and love each other in the years to come.






























Here is a little peak of Chris and Micah’s “Miss Lilliana Rose”. At just a few days old, she is not only sweet and adorable, but alert and smart! We can already see that she is! Congratulations to Micah , Chris, and all their family on the birth of a perfect bundle of joy!


“Come Join Our Circus” Themed Mini Sessions (part 4)

This session is a friend of mine Katie and her daughter Aliyah. Aliyah gets to do a lot of photo sessions with me. Katie makes this possible because she knows Aliyah loves it…plus momma gets to have lots of photo’s! This time I was insistent that they be able to get in a few together. Of coarse Katie loved the idea. Not only that she would have the photo’s but to get the special time with her daughter. As you can see they have an amazing relationship. When I see them together all I can see is “Girls just wanna have fun” …well…and shopping! They both resemble each other so much. Kind, fun, caring, sweet as all get out, and bee-a-u-tee-ful! Had to give a shout out to a good momma! There is nothing like the vision of a mother playing with her child…and the smiles it brings! Here are a few from their mini session that day.ImageImageImageImage