“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

-Joseph Chilton Pearce

snow day with the littles

When we leave the house for the most we look like we are put together! NOT! I don’t want to raise drones. I want to raise strong independent world changers. If you are around us you will see a lot of Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain Underpants, and plain ole running around in their underwear! You will see pillows and blankets piled on the couch and pallets on the floor. The kids mix matched and proud of it because they picked out their own outfits! This is the way I desire it though. My grandmothers told me when I had my first child, Emma you will have plenty of time to do dishes, do laundry, and dust but you will only have a short period in your life yo be a mother to your small children. With my first child I thought everything had to be perfect. Everything in it’s place and every outfit coordinated as cute as can be. The number two came and three! WOW as soon as Izabella came we were on the run and we haven’t stopped yet! After a few years with my oldest my grandmothers words really did ring loud and clear. Time was passing by to fast already. That’s when I decided what I really wanted out of all of this. I wanted every minute to count. Yes we do chores and they do pout about it. But then it’s play time. Which could include something like learning how to  make a hot tea for us to drink together. Which I also might include you will see a lot of here. Tea parties big and small! Yes I teach them how to cook and what not. Contrary to many people belief children want to learn. It excites them. It points back to us on are we teaching them or are we being a Drill Sargent? Are we letting them accomplish the task or are we criticizing the whole way which just breaks them down. Which doesn’t make them feel like they have accomplished anything. I am by far not the perfect mom but I am trying as I go and learning as I go.

Which brings me too the photos I wanted to share with you. Here we have been having a cold winter and quite a few snow days. Usually we would go out and play in the snow but the temps have been so bitter cold. I myself love snow days! Love having my family in the house together. Playing, cuddling, laughing, watching movies, and whatever may arise. The cool thing about snow days is there is a reason school is out…it is nasty outside! So that means we aren’t busy running around town. We are all together. Those are the days they will remember later on. I have been working on a few art projects lately and the kids want part it. I think art is very important in developing young minds. As we already know imagination is a must for developing areas in the brain that otherwise would not open. You should see my house right now with all this cold weather! There’s a project going on in every corner I swear! So I broke out the plastic table cloth and let them go! These photos may not be the “best” out there and I didn’t take any time really editing them…but they are special to me. Sometimes the most precious photos are the snapshot you take when people are doing there own thing. NO posing! They had a blast and of coarse ended up painting each other by the end. But it was all contained to the good ole trusty plastic table cloth. Of which I have several depending on the space needed for their project! Lots of giggles ans smiles came along with it. So I encourage you JUMP! Don’t worry about the mess they might make. Break out the dollar plastic table cloth and let them get creative. Promise you will smile the whole time…well most of the time!

snow day with the littles 3

“In a FAMILY love is spelled TIME.”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

snow day art day

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